All Competition Shoots Hosted by TBSWV


* No alcoholic beverages

* No crossbows or compound bows

* No hunting or broadheads/razorheads of any type

* Use target points only

* Any type of arrows may be used

* Any type of traditional or primitive bows may be used

* Shoot at designated targets only


Mens Recurve Womens Recurve Boys Youth 13-17

Mens Longbow Womens Longbow Boys Cubs 12 and Under

Mens Primitive Womens Primitive Girls Youth 13-17

Girls Cubs 12 and Under Coon Shooters

Targets and Scoring

1. No 11 or 12 ring

2. 10 ring consisting of a circle inside the vital areas

3. 8 ring roughly approximates the heart, lung, and liver area of the appropriate animal

4. The remainder of the animal shall be considered a 5 except an arrow embedded in the hoof or horn of an animal. An arrow embedded in the hoof or horn shall be scored as a ZERO. An arrow not touching the body color is considered a miss and is scored as a ZERO.

5. Some targets have material surrounding the actual outline of the animal such as rocks or logs. An arrow embedded in this area shall be scored as a ZERO.

6. Archers must complete one score card at all TBSWV hosted events. Score cards must have the archer name and class written or printed clearly.

7. Score cards must be marked before pulling arrows. Arrows pulled early will receive a ZERO.

8. If the scorekeeper for a group mistakenly records the incorrect score, the score card must be corrected as agreed upon by the majority of the group. The error must be circled and initialed by the scorekeeper and shooter. If the shooter is the scorekeeper one person from the group must initial it.

9. Scorecards must be filled in completely, be legible, and signed by the archer to be accepted. No score card may be changed by a competitor or scorekeeper after submitting it to the range official.


11. Each group shall turn their score cards in as a group.

12. TBSWV reserves the right to correct harmless errors.

13. If more than one scoring area is visible on a target either scoring area may be used unless otherwise noted at the shooting stake.

14. An arrow touching the line marking the edge of a greater scoring area shall receive the higher score.

15. Arrows must be sticking in the target to receive a score. If an arrow is not stuck in the target it shall be scored as a ZERO.

16. Two arrows shot as Robin Hoods shall each receive the score of the front arrow. The arrow that strikes the front arrow, but does not stick in the target will receive the same score as the arrow that hit the target. (The second arrow must damage the first arrow.) If a second arrow hits the first arrow and sticks in the target it will be scored where it sticks.

17. A pass through will be shot over if all persons in the group agree that the arrow passed through the target.

18. A bounce back is an arrow that squarely strikes the target and bounces back. This arrow shall be scored as a ZERO.

Shooting and Equipment

1. Overdraws are NOT permitted in any class.

2. Stabilizers are NOT permitted in any class.

3. Sights of any type are illegal and will NOT be permitted in any class.

4. Marks or lines on your bow are illegal and will NOT be permitted.

5. Peep sights in or on the string will NOT be permitted.

6. Arrows will be shot from the shelf, knuckles, or elevated stick on rest. No mechanical or bolt on rest allowed.

7. You may use binoculars, but NOT a rangefinder.

8. Release aids are NOT allowed.

9. Thumb rings are allowed in any class.

10. Limb mount clickers are allowed in all classes.

11. Primitive class archers may shoot wood or cane arrows ONLY.

12. Recurve and Longbow class archers may shoot all types of arrows.

General Rules

1. An archer may shoot in multiple classes in any TBSWV hosted event.

2. Shooting groups shall not consist solely of friends or relatives. Such groups may be BUSTED by an outsider who will keep score whenever possible. A group of friends or relatives must be aware that good sportsmanship requires an additional scorekeeper to be added to their group. The archers in a group of friends or relatives are required to make range officials aware of this situation.

3. A group that contains archers shooting from different stakes must allow the archers shooting form the farthest stakes to shoot first.

4. When shooting the archer must touch the appropriate stake with some part of their body.

5. Archers should be sensitive to the time concerns of the groups behind them and make every attempt to shoot in a timely manner.
6. After shooting the archer should immediately clear the stake for the next shooter. Using binoculars form the shooting stake after the shot is prohibited.

7. There will be no discussion of yardage until all arrows have been scored.

8. Once an archer begins a shooting course they must finish with their group.

9. Report immediately back to the score table if you have equipment failure. If your equipment failure is approved you may fix your equipment and return to the range. If your equipment can not be repaired you may replace it with the same type of equipment, if approved. You will begin the range at the target from which you left.

10. Score cards must be left at the score table if you have equipment failure. Score cards will be picked up when you are ready to return to the range.

11. Any archer who leaves the range without following TBSWV guidelines will be disqualified.

12. The index finger must touch the arrow nock, split finger, or three fingers under the arrow in all classes. (Unless using the thumb ring) This rule does not apply to archers missing the index finger.

13. Any person in violation of the above rules may be disqualified from and TBSWV hosted events.

14. Tie breakers will be first points dropped.

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15. 10 ring (center ring)

        8 ring surrounding 10

        5 - all other parts of body


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