The W.V. State Archery Wingshooting Championship will be held in conjunction with the  Appalachian Traditional Archery Rendezvous.

Sanctioned by USAWA ( United States Association of Wingshooting Archers), this is a Impact Only (I/O), Class 1 (15 inch wingtargets) open wingshooting competition.  Flu Flu arrows will be provided and trophies (top three places) including a cash prize of $100.00 for 1st  $50.00 for 2nd and $25.00 for 3rd will be awarded to the top competitors.

A wingshooting round will consist of 20 targets, 4 for warm-up and the remaining 16 for score.   Any archers shooting competition may shoot an unlimited number of rounds, but only the highest scoring round will be entered as the final score.

Archers will have the option to wingshoot for fun or compete for the championship.  The fee for the  first competition round is $10.00 ( $5.00 of that fee will be paid to USAWA by each archer shooting in the championship competition.) the fee for each additional round shot is $5.00

In addition to the tournament, a atlatl wingthrowing competition is being planed. Also wingshooting instructions and practice round will be offered.  Jackpot wingshoots will also be held for the adult archers.  Free wingshooting sessions for the young archers will be announced throughout the weekend.